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(Prior Updates can be found in posts dated: 9/29/21 & original posting on 9/19/21):

UPDATE (10/4/21): Doctors says Belva's kidneys are not functioning at a level they should be and may decide to put her on dialysis in a couple of days.

Pray as they decide whether to do a scope of her stomach area tomorrow to determine where additional internal bleeding is coming from.

They do not know whether or not they will move her to a trach vent on Tuesday. Pray she will be able to come off of the vent entirely so this decision does not have to be made at all!


UPDATE (10/3/21): Mike spoke with the doctor this afternoon. He says that Belva’s kidneys are not functioning well. Please pray for healing in her kidneys and for them to begin working as they should.

They are planning to do a trach to move the vent on Tuesday if she is still not breathing on her own by then. Pray she will no longer need the ventilator by Tuesday and will begin breathing totally on her own before then!

As of this evening, they are still waiting for a room to become available, so that Belva can be moved from isolation to another ICU, where she will be allowed to have visitors, and Mike can be with her again.


UPDATE (10/1/21): Dr. Says that Belva is over the COVID, so they are planning to move her to a different ICU which will allow Mike to visit.

The plan is to do a trach on her Tuesday if she still needs it. The nurse told Mike today that they let her breathe a little on her own this morning and she did well. Pray she will come off the vent altogether soon!!!

Mike plans to be ready - day or night when they give him the ok to see her. He says “Thanks for all the prayers please don't let up!!!"

UPDATE (URGENT) 9/28/21) Belva was airlifted from Nash/UNC HealthCare to WakeMed (New Bern Ave.) ICU in Raleigh earlier this evening due to a bleeding issue that they were unable to diagnose and/or treat at Nash.

** Please pray that the doctors there will be able to quickly determine the source of the bleeding and be able to treat this new issue.

**Continue to pray for her complete healing from Covid, double pneumonia, and blood clots.

**Pray additionally that over the next 2 days she would begin breathing on her own so that they do not have to do a tracheotomy to move the position of the ventilator.


UPDATE (9/27/21): Mike and their son Will spoke to pulmonary specialist this morning. Here is the latest update and prayer requests:

1. Belva is responding very very slowly to the medicines and is therefore taking much longer to heal. She is being treated for Covid, double pneumonia, blood clots in her lungs, and leg, and her blood pressure continues to waver.

2. Pray that she begins breathing on her own! The next 2-3 days are critical. If she still does not, they will need to move the ventilator from her throat, and put in a tracheotomy to allow her to try to heal this way. ** The dr. said this would allow her to be more alert and could speed up the healing process.

3. The feeding tube continues to nourish her. Pray for NO infection at the tube site, and that she continues to maintain proper nourishment while her body fights these infections.

4. Praise that her kidney functions ARE STRONG right now!

5. Pray for the medicine to begin dissolving the blood clots in her lungs and legs.

6. Pray for continued strength for both Mike and Will. Mike is with Belva as much as he can be in ICU, pray for endurance, and that his faith will not waver.

7. Pray that they continue to see the Lord's hand in all of this. Mike said they believe this doctor was sent by the Lord to help Belva. They trust his wisdom, and discernment.

8. Pray for complete healing and trust that Belva will get better and return home to Mike and her family and that they will continually be able to use this testimony to point people to Jesus, no matter the outcome!


Received: October 4, 2021

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