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“One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts. I will speak of your splendor and glorious majesty and your wondrous works.”
– Psalm 145:4-5

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Henry Lewis asks for prayer for Lynda Butler

(2/2/22 UPDATE): Lynda Butler's struggle with sickness ended this morning about 9 AM. She is now with her Lord forevermore.

Please pray for comfort for loved ones. Thanks for all your prayers.


UPDATE (1/28/22): Her condition is still critical. Fluid in her lungs is the main concern.


UPDATE (1/25/22): Update on Lynda Butler. They have put an additional drain tube to remove fluid buildup in her lungs. Pray it will work. Her mental status has greatly improved. She is in ICU. Lynda is my daughter's mother in law.


Lynda Butler was found unconscious in her home yesterday. She was on oxygen supply that became disconnected during the night. Please pray for mental recovery from this plus fluid buildup in her lungs. Procedure for removing fluid buildup is scheduled for Sunday.

Received: January 22, 2022

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Jessica Coleman- Updates & Answered Prayers

UPDATE (1/20/22) - Update on Jessica Coleman from her mom: God is so good! He has been with us every second of this 5 month journey. She is to go home today with a Bi-Pap machine.

She went to visit CCPU yesterday. She got out of the wheelchair and walked the hall on both sides of the unit. They were smiling and cheering her on…thank you for every prayer!!!! We are so blessed!


UPDATE (11/18/21):

Jessica is able to sit in a chair, knows everyone but still has trachea. Therapy tires her extremely!!! Anxiety is so bad at night but working on that …part of coming off machines . Please continue to pray!!!! Thanks!!!

UPDATE (11/10/21):

She has been hospitalized for 72 days. At 6:30 am this morning, they took her off the ECMO MACHINE. PTL! The family thanks you and asks for your continued prayers.


UPDATE (10/9/21): Jessica’s father visited her and was praying over her. She began to cry and looked around the room. She moved in the bed and they dropped the ECMO to the lowest setting!!!

She has been in the hospital 10 weeks. She still has a long way to go but are thanking Jesus for His precious miracle!!! Thank you for praying!


Update (10/6/21): she has been at UAB FOR 6 weeks. She now has a blood infection. Her Mom asks for prayers specifically for this to be cleared up. “Our God has carried us this far and we are trusting that He is going to see us through this horrible journey. We appreciate every prayer for our Funny Girl”


UPDATE (9/11/21): They put in a tracheotomy. She has not responded much. The brain bleed is unchanged. Very few reflexes. The daughter asks for continued prayer. She thanks everyone for praying!


UPDATE (9/1/21):

On Jessica Coleman: She had a good night; she does have a tiny brain bleed but Doctor says it happens when people are on different machines. They will put in a tracheotomy this week. She is also starting to move some. No longer considered the sickest patient in the unit. PTL,PTL!! Thanks for praying!



My cousin in Alabama has requested PPF

1. Jessica Coleman, 42 years old with COVID. She is on a respirator and ECMO machine. She is fighting for her life. She describes her as a ”sweet, beautiful friend”.

2. Her son-in-law lost his best friend yesterday, leaving a wife and a 10 yr old son. This too was from Covid.

Received: January 20, 2022

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Chuck Hale (updates)

1/11/22: Jesus took Chuck home around 1:30 pm this afternoon. He is now healed!!!!

Please continue to pray for Kathy, as she gireves the loss of her precious husband, and for Chuck’s children as they grieve the loss of their father. May they feel the Father’s love in a real and even more powerful way now and in the days ahead!

UPDATE 1/10/22: Please pray for peace for Kathy and the family, as doctors have told Kathy that Chuck's internal organs are shutting down. He remains on the bypass machine to keep the heart pumping. The family has very difficult decisions to make. Pray for strength as they do through these days.


URGENT: 1/6/22: Continue to pray for Chuck. They are going to try to clean Chuck's chest cavity to prevent infection and then close him up. They will continue to keep him on the bypass machine, as there has been some slight heart activity and minimal improvement. There is still not nearly enough, but things are moving in the right direction.

This has also put a heavy toll on Chuck's kidneys, so pray as they begin dialysis this afternoon to assist with this.



• The surgeons had a difficult time getting the heart in and the leads during surgery, due to his anatomy. (His normal heart had been in - upside down)

• Surgeons told her it was a struggle and the heart is not beating on its own.

• They now have him on a bypass machine and told Kathy they would keep him on this for the next 1-2 days to see if the heart begins to beat on its own

Pray for this heart to begin beating on its own, pray for the Lord's will to be done in Chuck's life. And, pray for peace that passes all understanding right now for his wife, Kathy and for Chuck's son and daughter, as they wait for news and updates on his condition.


Chuck has been #1 on the Heart Transplant List for some time and is in Duke Hospital.

After much praying and waiting, a heart has become available for Chuck! He is currently in Pre-Op and will go into surgery within the next hour. Surgery will be a minimum of 12 hours.

Kathy and the family are waiting across the street at a nearby hotel and we will update the Prayer Wall as we receive updates.

Thank you in advance for praying for Chuck!

Received: January 10, 2022

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Gail Lewter

UPDATE (1/24/22) I have No kidney problems. Dr believes the pain is hip and muscle related or an upper GI problem. I have an ortho appt Feb 1. I will see my regular Dr Thursday for checkup and gastroenterology referral. Thank you for your prayers.


UPDATE (1/17/22): Day 9 taking antibiotic for kidney infection. Yesterday and today, the pain is back as bad as in the beginning. Please pray for healing.


I have a kidney infection. Prayers please. Pain on top of pain. I've had it.

Received: January 9, 2022

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Kayla Jones

UPDATE (1/23/22) Jordan passed on January 15th to be with the Lord!

Through his death he was able to help others via organ donation.

Please continue to pray for his wife Gabby and their 3 little girl as they navigate life without Jordan.


Saturday morning I found out that my sweet friend Gabby’s husband Jordan suffered a stroke and a large aneurysm was found. He is currently in the ICU and in a medically induced coma as a last stitch effort to reduce his ICP. His wife Gabby is a believer and they also have 3 little girls (3,4&5). Please pray for Gods will to be done, guidance and wisdom for the doctors, peace for Gabby and their girls.

Received: January 9, 2022

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Dawn Hamilton

UPDATE (2/5/22):

Thank you all who have prayed for Wayne and the QVC employees. Wayne had several interviews. He accepted a position in a business close by. We are overjoyed to have this prayer answered. Amen! May God use Wayne in his new position as he works, provides for his family, and blesses others.


My husband, Wayne, was laid off as of today from Team One Logistics. He supervised the outbound truck fleet at QVC. His office was in the building that burned two weeks ago. He was not employed by QVC. So he is not getting the extended benefits that they are offering their employees. He has a fantastic resume and referrals. Please pray that God will open doors for a job that meets his/our needs. Thank you

Received: December 31, 2021

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Carole Wilber


I had put in a prayer request for a friend who had gone into the hospital December 23 with Covid related issues. When she got there, her blood sugar was over 900, she had flat lined, got pneumonia, they put her on the vent, and into an Induced coma for 31/2 weeks. She also had two stents put in her heart. Her stay in the hospital was over six weeks.

She is home! When I saw her Sunday, she walked to me in a walker. It is an absolute miracle. She knows that God is not done with her yet. She said it’s time for her to rebuild a relationship with him. God is so good.


A close friend and business associate has been in the hospital since December 23 with Covid. They currently have her on a vent and an induced coma. She has diabetes and her levels are all over the place. Please pray God's will intercede and his will be done.

Received: December 27, 2021

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Henry Lewis - Pray for Carole Lewis Butler

1/1/21 UPDATE: Answered prayer, Carol is doing much better. Thank God.


12/31/21 UPDATE: She is doing better for the last 2 days. Thanks for praying.


Carol Lewis Butler. Apparently has covid and is at home. Please pray for her recovery

Received: December 27, 2021

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Ed - Pray for Jerry Sherrod



UPDATE (12/19/21): Jerry is now in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, He has 1 of 2 bacterial infections. They are waiting for cultures to come back to know how to treat him. He asks for specific prayer that he might be home in time for Christmas!


Jerry Sherrod has been admitted back to UNC hospital. He has an infection that they are trying to treat. Please be in prayer for Jerry and Brenda during this time.

Received: December 17, 2021

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Pam Wester - Pray for Gary

12/16/21 - Update: Praise the Lord!!! Gary is home from the hospital!

Please continue to pray for complete healing!


UPDATE (12/16/21 - AFTERNOON):

Prayers are being answered!!! Gary was able to walk the hall earlier and they have reduced his oxygen from 8L to 3L. Praise the LORD!!!


UPDATE (12/16/21):

Gary is getting a little stronger each day. He is now being treated for a bacterial infection as well as Covid Pneumonia. The infectious disease doctor is not overly concerned about the bacterial infection but better safe than sorry. Please pray specifically for:

*Gary to tolerate the reduction in oxygen as they begin to wean him off.

*That Gary would not become discouraged. He has a long road ahead of him.

*Wisdom for the doctors and answers especially concerning the bacterial infection.

*Blessings for the nurses in this Covid unit. They are true heroes.



UPDATE (12/12/21): Gary’s CT scan shows no blood clots! Praise the LORD!! His oxygen levels are improving just a little. Dr. believes the treatment is working as it should. Thank you for praying.


UPDATE (12/11/21): Gary has been admitted to Nash with Covid pneumonia. Please continue to pray for healing.


12/10/21: Gary and I both tested positive for Covid on Tuesday. He is currently in the ER with breathing difficulties. Please pray for healing and peace for the family as we wait.

Received: December 16, 2021

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