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Share stories of God working in your life.

“One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts. I will speak of your splendor and glorious majesty and your wondrous works.”
– Psalm 145:4-5

Carole Wilber

In March my husband was diagnosed with melanoma of the eye. He went through treatment which is killing the tumor in the eye. It was an aggressive form of cancer and they anticipate it to appear somewhere else in his body at some point. We just had a third body scan which is clear. They will be checking him every three months. His eyesight is getting better and he feels the tumor is shrinking. I just keep praying God‘s will, but I I love these clear scans.

Received: September 27, 2022

Gwen Chase

I recently was tested for the BRCA2 variant and 25 other genes, because of my family history with cancer.

I received results today that I did not inherit the BRCA2 variant and I was negative/normal for the other genes tested.

Received: September 23, 2022

Denise Murdock

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers. Our grandson Asher is doing much better. He went to Baltimore Children's Hospital and he's been fever free for 72 hours and on a new very strong antibiotic. He is much happier feeling much better and will not have to have any surgical procedures. Praise God for His healing power and for the faithfulness of His people who pray. God bless,

Richard and Denise Murdock

Received: September 19, 2022

Praises continue at Your Choice Resource Center

Praise the Lord for 2 more decisions for life at the Your Choice Resource Center!

Yesterday a lady was undecided, and after her appointment at the Center, she chose life for her unborn child!

Today (9/8/22), a lady was intending to have an abortion, but after having an ultrasound at the Center, she chose life for her baby!

Praise the Lord for the work that is being done through Your Choice Resource Center in Rocky Mount!

Received: September 8, 2022

Praises at the Your Choice Resource Center

The Your Choice Resource Center saw 3 babies saved, 5 salvations/recommitments, and handed out 9 Bibles to clients in August! Praise the Lord for all He is doing here locally at the Center!

Received: September 6, 2022

This prayer has been answered!

Gwen Chase

I received a good report from my quarterly check up on August 30. Thank you for all your prayers.

Received: August 31, 2022

This prayer has been answered!

Bruce Manning


Bruce's surgery went very well this morning and he's home recuperating. He's only having moderate pain which should be controllable with meds. Thank you so much for your prayers.


I am having Outpatient Open Surgery for an Umbilical Hernia on my abdomen +/- 7:00 am this morning Wednesday. Pray that the Doctors & Surgeon will use their best wisdom and abilities.

Received: August 31, 2022

This prayer has been answered!

Tina Campbell

Praise that my brother seems to have listened to God’s word and Godly counsel. Would ask for continued prayers that he would continue on this path and not be distracted by the world; that he would grow in his faith and trust in God, and; he would see God’s love for him through all of this. Thank you.


Please pray for my brother who is struggling with a physical and spiritual battle; that he would listen to God’s voice through the scriptures and Godly counseling; that he would choose wisely the path he should follow, and; that he would find peace and healing.

Received: August 24, 2022

This prayer has been answered!

PRAISE for Your Choice Resource Center

Praise the Lord that the Your Choice Resource Center saw TWO Salvations today! A client and her boyfriend came in to the Center and both accepted Christ today!

To Him be the glory!

Received: August 16, 2022

This prayer has been answered!

Carole Wilber - Praise for Barbara Boone


Update on Barbara Boone‘s surgery. Everyone said that she would be in a lot of pain having rotator cuff surgery and the bone spurs removed and God is so good.

We have prayed that she would be in very little pain. The nerve block lasted for almost a week. The pain level has been may be a three tops. She will see the doctor for a follow up a week from today and start physical therapy a week after that.

Please continue to pray that the pain remains minimal.

Received: August 15, 2022

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