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“One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts. I will speak of your splendor and glorious majesty and your wondrous works.”
– Psalm 145:4-5

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Pray for Ethel Mears (Mother of EBC Member Johnnie Mears)

5/31/22 UPDATE: Ethel was diagnosed with a kidney infection, given medication and sent back home. Thank you everyone for praying for her while she was the ER.


Please pray for Ethel, as she was just taken (4 pm on 5/30/22) to Vidant Tarboro by ambulance, with what appears to possibly be a stroke.

Pray for Johnnie to remain calm while they wait for details from the doctors and ask the Lord to guide the doctors and nurses as they treat and diagnose Ethel.

Received: May 30, 2022

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Fynetta Ward: Pray for Yolanda Ipock Olson

5/30/22 UPDATE: Yolanda has gone home from the hospital, that is all I know right now but we take that as good news.


5/27/22 Update: Yolanda had her first chemo treatment last week. She was admitted to the hospital a couple of days ago with a very, very low White Blood Count.


5/7/22: Prayers for Yolanda Ipock Olson as she begins treatment for pancreatic cancer. May God be glorified each step of the way in His plan for her life's battle.

Received: May 26, 2022

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Pepper Manning: Prsy for Saturday May 21 Women’s Event at EBC

5/23/22 UPDATE: Missie was able to be at the Women's Event on Saturday May 21 and the event was successful with many women present! It was an amazing day at Englewood Baptist Church!

5/19/22 UPDATE:

Pepper Manning has been in contact with Missie Branch. She has asked that we pray her voice will continue to get stronger and hold out and that her strength continues to come back. She is feeling much better. Thank you so much for praying!


Please pray for the guest speaker, Missie Branch, for Saturday’s (5/21) women's event. Pray for her to have clarity in the final preparations as well as safety around her health. She is sick today and unable to work.

Please pray for Holly Anderson as she is finalizing her worship music. Pray that it will honor God and offer a sweet time of worship with the women.

Please pray that our women will come, bring friends with them, and leave accepting the challenge to Love God's people well.

Received: May 17, 2022

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Teresa Overman

Praises. Surgery removed all suspicious tissue. No Cancer! Continue to pray for healing as I am still on liquid diet and not speaking due to pain and swelling. But better and swelling down today! Big praise .. close time with my Father. Soo sweet ️

Received: May 11, 2022

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Teresa Overman

UPDATE: Teresa did fine with the procedure last week! No cancer was found and she returned home later that evening. Continue to pray for her complete healing, as Teresa cannot speak for the next 3 weeks while she heals.


I am having surgery on my tongue on Friday at Duke. Outpatient. Severe dysphagia. But no cancer ..Praise the Lord! Will not be verbal for at least two weeks! Y'all know me ..that will be a hard part. . Love you all church family. Thanks for remembering me during this time. I know my Lord has this

Received: May 3, 2022

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Praise for restored relationship

Last evening, my niece Amber and I talked and after a 5 year estranged relationship, were able to work things out and are now speaking again.

Praise the Lord that he restored this relationship for me/us.

Received: April 28, 2022

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Phillip Parrish


Praise God Michael passed the kidney stone and went back to work! Had nerve conduction test

on my hands ystd, don't know results yet. Pray for good results. Had epidural on my lower back today. Thank you LORD for blessing Dr Patel with the wisdom and knowledge she has to help people in pain! Praise God in all things! Thank you for your prayers!


Please pray for our son Michael that has a terrible kidney stone! In ER for the second time. Praise God in all things! Thank you for your prayers!

Received: April 22, 2022

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Ed - Son Joshua

Our son Joshua ha been in Peru preparing for work this summer down there. He was supposed to fly home last Wednesday but tested positive for Covid.

He has finally tested negative and will leave tonight heading home. Thanks for all gods provisions for him!

Received: April 16, 2022

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Praising Him today for the return of my energy level post COVID! It's been a long year!! Thankful for the knowledge He has given doctors and PA's and NP's and medical workers that have worked tirelessly especially the last 2 years to take care of all of us so that we can tell someone else about Jesus!!

Received: April 8, 2022

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Liz Dunton: Pray for Ada (Current Updates)

3/18/22 Update:

Ada came home from the hospital last night. She slept so well last night without all the wires attached. She is so much stronger walking now too. We are so thankful! She still has some confusion, but I do see improvement. She is still having some strange visual symptoms but the doctors think that will only last a few days.

Praise the Lord for so many answered prayers!

Please continue to pray for healing in the right side of her brain so the visions will stop.

Pray for help getting used to a regimented medication schedule.

We appreciate all of you who have prayed and helped us through this. Praise God for the church!



Ada has been diagnosed with Occipital Epilepsy. She is on a lot of medicine and is sleeping. Please pray when she wakes up she won’t be scared or agitated. She has EEG probes all over her head as well as other cords. Pray her headache does not return. Pray that God will speak to her during this trial and her relationship with Him will grow deeper and stronger. We are so very thankful for the prayers and support we have received from our family at EBC.


EVENING UPDATE (3/15): Continue to pray. Ada is being admitted for more testing this evening.


AFTERNOON UPDATE (3/15) They are now on their way to UNC Chapel Hill Pediatric ER with Ada. Please pray that the doctors there will be able to quickly treat Ada and give her relief from this migraine and pain.


3/15/22 Update: Ada has not had any improvement. Please pray for us to get an appointment with a pediatric neurologist ASAP. Please pray that she will eat today. She has not had food in days other than applesauce. Pray that the drugs she is taking will only help and not harm her. Pray for encouragement and peace. Thank you.


My daughter Ada has been having a migraine since Thursday night. We went to ER last night and are back again today. Please pray for her pain to go away, her vision to normalize. She is also confused and disoriented. Please pray as the Spirit leads you. We are so scared.

Received: March 18, 2022

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